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Bulk SMS Services in Faridabad

Bulk-SMS Services is mainly the distribution of large no. of SMS together to people of different groups and categories. It is commonly used to convey important information or for promoting a product or service. Banks, marketing companies, educational corporation, retail sectors and many other small or large businesses mainly prefers bulk SMS services for communicating with their clients or customers. 

PheonixEdge Marketing is the best known company for Bulk SMS services. They provides all approved means of communication like text, voice, Pdf etc. all in one encrypted platforms. We offers A1 class instant messaging features by providing both security and agility to your business. 

This is our commitment to match any competitor SMS prices with comparable features and connectivity. We always use the highest quality routes and guarantees the best speed and deliverability. You should always beware of those companies that offers low-quality delivery and fake reports of deliveries. Our company also offers the best Email Marketing services in Faridabad.


  • Most of the industries and sectors prefers SMS because it has a high readability rate compared to any other communication means. 
  • At the personalized level of clients SMS bulk service is the fastest way to reach them.
  • Within minimum investments it provides maximum results. 


There are mainly 2 types of Bulk-SMS:

  1. Transactional Bulk-Sms: These SMS sends urgent or crucial information to both DND and non-DND customers. 
  2. Promotional Bulk-Sms: These SMS mainly are used for promoting a product or services only to non DND customers within 9am to 9pm only. 

Nowadays, as you all know mobile phones has become the most used communication device with the best screen time, so it is the right time of changing the way of companies that do business, by assisting information and communication flow of every client in building global brands. 

We have full team of experts which is specialized in their fields and has years of experience and also provides quality services always, allowing you to expand your business externally on any platform.